You must have a Veteran PCP. Make an appointment to see your Veteran PCP, who will conduct a consultation for home care services. Once this is completed your PCP will submit a referral to the VCP coordinator, and a home visit will be scheduled. Upon the completion of the home visit, you will provide Safe Hands information as your selected Home care provider.  Safe Hands will then receive an authorization from the VCP to provide services. This program is not income based and we encourage all Veterans to take advantage of services offered by the VA.

​​VA REQUIREMENTS FOR Vet Assist Program 

1. MILITARY SERVICE: Minimum 90 days active duty, with at least one during wartime, and honorable discharge.

2. MEDICAL Need: Non service- connected disability which requires assistance with activities of daily.

3. MONEY (Financial Limitations): Limited resources in relation to medical expenses.

Basic Home Choir Services- cleaning, laundry, cooking...etc

CNA - assist with daily living function while promoting independency (when adequate) assist with personal care.

Respite Care- if your primary care giver need to be relieved for any reason we will come and be a companion for your loved one.

Advanced Respite Care- If your loved one need assistance while their primary care giver is away,  our professional trained staff will come.

Transportation Services - we have packages with a minimum of 1 hour, for Dr Appointments, Grocery store errands, bathing assistance, shopping outing...etc

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