Private Pay Services

In-Home Care Services

CDS is a program that allows a family member or a friend to provide personal care services to an individual who is able to self direct care. This individual is known as the consumer. The consumer is responsible for hiring their own personal care attendant.  Work schedules, training, and management of their attendant all falls at the hands of the consumer. The attendant must be 18 years or older, not a spouse, and must have a clean background that passes through the Missouri State Family Care Safety Registry before being employed by the CDS consumer.

Safe Hands will provide training to the consumer to help give proper training to the personal care attendant if needed. Also, Safe Hands will ensure consumers have back up staffing and all tax and service documentations required to meet Medicaid and IRS guidelines are completed.

In addition, some consumers may be eligible to receive basic respite service provided by an IN HOME personal care attendant. A family member or friend cannot provide respite service.

Tier One starting at $40 for 2 hours:

  • Doctors appointment accompanied  by           Safe Hands Staff member
  • Shopping errands
  • Grooming appointment
  • Basic Respite Care- relief to primary care       provider

Tier Two starting at $20 an hour:

  • Chore Services
  • Personal Care
  • Advanced Respite
  • Advanced Personal Care

​​Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

Basic Homemaker/ Choir Services- cleaning, laundry, cooking...etc

RN/LPN- Nurse visits, Medication set up, Diabetic Nail Care

Personal Care- assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, changing linens, cleaning bath a,kitchen and living quarters, cooking, dusting..etc

Advanced Personal Care 

assist with Ostomy Care, Tracheostomies, gastrostomies and colostomies- this care includes changing bags, and soap and water hygiene around ostomy or catheter site.

Respite Care- if your primary care giver wants relief for any reason we will come and be a companion for your loved one.

Advanced Respite Care- If your loved one needs assistance while their primary care giver is away,  our professional trained staff will come.

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